Amsonic Precision Cleaning

Amsonic is the market leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial cleaning lines for the following areas

  • Precision cleaning systems for medical industry
  • Industrial precision parts cleaning
  • Precision cleaning in the watch, coating, optics and precision engineering

Amsonic leads the way in various water and solvent based (non-chlorinated) cleaning technologies, i.e. ultrasonic, immersion and spray cleaning as well as hot air and vacuum drying processes. Cleaning technologies are also offered based on liquid or supercritical CO2 and surface treatment with plasma.

  • Amsonic AquaLine/ModuLine Ultrasonic Cleaning System
    These are industrial ultrasonic modular cleaning systems developed for aqueous cleaning media. By selecting from a number of individual tank processes the cleaning systems may be purpose built to achieve the cleanliness standard required. The automatic robot system and the cleaning system are controlled by the same PC. Read More…
  • Amsonic FlexLine Ultrasonic Cleaning System
    This is a water-based, modular ultrasonic batch cleaning system. Units can be added to or removed from the system flexibly to meet precise cleaning requirements. Designed to be easily assembled, FlexLine allows versatility in process customisation for all your needs. The user can retrofit additional modules to keep up with the various cleaning demands, thus creating the complete batch cleaning system. Read More…
  • Amsonic Carrousel CX Ultrasonic Cleaning System
    Compact water based revolver system for precision cleaning. Read More…
  • Amsonic 400R Series Solvent Precision Cleaning System
    A compact single chamber solvent based (A3) cleaning system, with a high throughput. It uses a proven procedure that, at a high temperature, applies non-chlorinated solvents under a patented vacuum process. 400R-Series cleaning equipment can combine different cleaning steps such as vapor phase, ultrasonic cleaning, drying and distillation under vacuum (closed loop). The vacuum technology increases the cleaning efficiency and guarantees a safe operation of the machine. Read More…