Style CNC Machines

Since its formation in 1991, Dutch machine builder Style CNC Machines have been specially developing a range of machines for efficiency and ease of operation. Their CNC machines are particularly suitable for one off orders and small to medium batch sizes

With easy, smart and simple programming the unique Style control system is accessible for the apprentice metalworker and offers extensive functionalities for the more experienced operators. The main highlights of this control system include extensive CNC functionality, a 3D simulation program, free contour programming and importing DXF files directly. It also allows reading, processing and implementing ISO G codes and implementation of large G code programs.

  • Style Lathe
    The best lathe for small series offering 6 models in the series. All the lathes in the range are built on a very stable cast iron frame, which guarantees the best possible turned metal or plastic products. Every lathe is provided with the simple and intuitive STYLE Control which is ergonomic and standing out for its unique design. Their lathes are characterised by its speed, flexibility and being user friendly. These lathes offer flexibility for turning of products in single pieces and small series. Read More…
  • Style Mill
    The STYLE BT series consists of six models and is ideal for single pieces and small series. The simple, intuitive control makes operations like levelling and drilling possible in just a few clicks. Complex operations like dimensional milling, working with a 4th axis and the programming of G-codes are very simple to perform. These milling machines are designed for the production of single pieces, small series and custom projects. Read More…
  • Style Control
    The STYLE control system is accessible for the apprentice metalworker and offers extensive functionality for the experienced operator. The CNC software has been designed for quick and easy drawing and production of single pieces and small series. The STYLE control system’s clear 3D simulation program allows each workpiece to be extensively tested and optimized before production.  Read More…