Willemin-Macodel 701S

The 701S is the first machining centre to truly make full use of the dynamic control and rigidity offered by delta-type kinematics. The machine delivers ultra-high-precision machining conditions using very-high-speed machining technology. The 701S machining centre, the very essence of innovation, offers unrivalled precision and dynamic control for micro-machining applications.


Willemin-Macodel 701S Machining Centre with Parallel Kinematics

  • Delta-type parallel kinematics actuating a basket connected to 3 a arms
  • Ultra-high-precision and excellent repeatability
  • Very rigid, reduced weight in motion
  • Excellent quality of circular interpolation
  • Reduced cost of consumables (no need for tool holders, micro-lubrication)
  • Pallet magazine with 12 pallets
  • Positioning accuracy
  • High-quality surface finishes
  • Custom robotisation / automation
  • Standard 36 tools
  • Compact machine