Amsonic 400R Series Solvent Precision Cleaning System

A compact single chamber solvent based (A3) cleaning system, with a high throughput. It uses a proven procedure that, at a high temperature, applies non-chlorinated solvents under a patented vacuum process. 400R-Series cleaning equipment can combine different cleaning steps such as vapor phase, ultrasonic cleaning, drying and distillation under vacuum (closed loop). The vacuum technology increases the cleaning efficiency and guarantees a safe operation of the machine.


Amsonic 400R Series Solvent Precision Cleaning System

Solvent-based (Class A3 hydrocarbons or modified alcohol)

For the cleaning of metals, ceramics and plastics

Throughput of a maximum of 6 charges per hour each at 50 – 100 kg

Compact mode of construction and closed cleaning system

The solvent is continuously regenerated by the integrated distillation which guarantees a consistent cleaning quality even when working in three shifts.

Non-chlorinated A3 solvents protect cleaned parts from corrosion

PC controller with online monitoring

Can be completely automated (automatic loading/unloading) and integrated into a production process.

Low maintenance

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