Amsonic Aqualine/ModuLine Ultrasonic Cleaning System

These are industrial ultrasonic modular cleaning systems developed for aqueous cleaning media. By selecting from a number of individual tank processes the cleaning systems may be purpose built to achieve the cleanliness standard required. The automatic robot system and the cleaning system are controlled by the same PC.


Amsonic AquaLine Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The modular system allows for a very individual construction of customer specific machine configurations. Any configuration is possible: from simple, manually operated modules with 2-3 tanks, to automated PC controlled large-scale systems with several tanks. A variety of options are available and can be applied on request and according to individual demands, e.g.:

  • Standard or specially designed tank interior (electropolished or passivated)
  • Ultrasonics with various frequencies and installation possibilities
  • Automatic filling and draining
  • Handling robot/carriage with or without PC control (for charges from 15-120 kg)
  • Dosing pumps for cleaning agents
  • Static or rotating baskets
  • Lift-out system (mechanical or via robot/carriage)
  • Hot air, infrared or vacuum drying
  • Automatic loading and unloading ramps
  • Automatic programme selection via barcode reader or binary coding
  • Partial or full encapsulation of the cleaning machine, with or without laminar flow boxes
  • Central water treatment system for highly purifiedwater (DI water)

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Amsonic ModuLine Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Advanced (Vacuum) Ultrasonic-Cleaning and Drying System

Fully enclosed system with high reliability automation

Compact but flexible process-management with vacuum extraction technology

Provides superb cleaning results for sophisticated 3-dimensional products

Short Cycle Time & Consistent Drying Result, even for synthetic parts

Usable Basket Dimension (WxLxH) 250 x 350 x 210 mm

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