Ecoclean EcoCwave

The EcoCwave is a powerful spray flood cleaning system with a vacuum-tight work chamber. At the user’s option, it can be equipped for either two or three independent cleaning steps.

The use of upright cylindrical flood tanks, which have been developed for fine cleaning applications, ensure an optimized fluid management, a high flexibility and improved process quality.


EcoCwave Aqueous Cleaning System

Offering a choice of two different work chamber sizes, the system enables you to make-up your individual specific batches. Therefore product costs per-unit are minimized.

User benefits from:
• Universal versatility for diverse applications: in wet chemical part cleaning and surface treatment due to its two-/three-tank configuration capability
• Innovative equipment technology requiring minimum floorspace: only 5.5 m² (two-tank system)
• Reduced per-unit product costs: up to 30 % savings through volumetrically optimized batch make-up
• Optimized fluid management: upright cylindrical flood tanks, superior to rectangular tanks in preventing the formation of dirt traps, are backed by full-flow filtration and cleaning fluid treatment
• 100 % drying: achieved through a combination of hot-air and vacuum drying
• An extensive range of options: basic options, fine cleaning, equipment monitoring, fluid treatment, automation solutions
• User-friendly operation: advanced HMI operator panel for real-time monitoring of all system states, fault diagnostics and service intervals notification

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