Seco Holemaking

When it comes to holemaking, selecting the most appropriate tooling and machining strategies for your application is critical. Therefore, Seco offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive selections of drills, reamers and boring tools. So, whether your focus is on volume, accuracy or cost savings, they have a tool that is perfect for your needs.



The new Universal Drills 8xD and 12xD from Seco offer good predictable performance in steel, stainless steel, and cast irons for the highest level of value and versatility.

A solid carbide drill optimised for holemaking in steels, Feedmax -P was designed to harness the power and efficiency of modern machine tools to maximize your cutting data across these applications. When increasing cutting speeds while drilling steel, you face unique challenges in terms of chip evacuation, high heat generation and burrs at the hole entrance and exit. Feedmax -P was designed specifically to overcome these issues and allow for substantial productivity gains.